You Can Earn the Most in Hungary With These 10 Degrees


Based on the latest data from the Diploma Tracking System (DPR) – examining graduates in 2019/2020 – has showed which professions have the highest salaries after graduation.

It is clear from the top 10 list that the highest gross average salary can be earned with diplomas in political science (i.e. military training), engineering and IT training, since with these trainings you can even have a monthly salary of more than half a million – they write on the website.

Based on the gross average income of graduates in 2019/2020, graduates of the following courses can earn the most:


1. military infocommunication HUF 636,203

2. military leader HUF 605,020

3. IT engineer HUF 572,213

4. electrical engineering HUF 538,238

5. program designer IT technician HUF 524,273

6. traffic engineering HUF 512,869

7. vehicle engineering HUF 509,507

8. economic IT specialist HUF 509,107

9. applied economics HUF 503,837

10. mechatronic engineering HUF 500,464

Although it did not make it to the list of 10, it is worth noting that the gross average salary (HUF 490,724) that can be obtained with a diploma in motion picture education is not far behind that of a mechatronics engineer. In the survey, they also discussed the gross average incomes of the various basic education graduates by field of study and by major. On average, graduates of IT courses receive the highest salary, which means HUF 536,794 gross per month, followed by certificated students of technical courses with HUF 477,578 gross, and students of political science courses in third place with HUF 466,354 gross.
Photo: MTI – Balázs Mohai

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