Huge Explosion in Püspökladány

This morning (18th of November), at about 3:00 am, there was a huge explosion in Püspökladány (Hajdú-Bihar county).

Syrian accused of mass murders denies charges

Hassan F, a Syrian national accused of mass executions, terrorist acts and crimes against humanity, pleaded not guilty at a trial that began in Budapest.


“Bad Poems” fetches audience prize at Hungarian film festival of Los Angeles

Comedy-drama Bad Poems fetched the audience prize at the week-long 19th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles which showed feature and television films, as well as documentaries, shorts and animation films for children, the National Film Fund said.

Google, Israel’s National Library team up to digitize books

The National Library of Israel is working with Google to digitize 120,000 books from its extensive collection of Jewish texts and upload them to the internet for public use. The library said in a statement this week that its contribution will significantly increase the percentage of Hebrew texts available on Google Books.

Celebrating 36 Years of Zoo Association Work in Hungary

Established exactly 36 years ago, on November 14, 1983, the Hungarian Association of Zoos is a professional organization comprising 13 Hungarian zoos and wildlife parks with the purpose of representing their interests, coordinating their various activities, and facilitate the exchange of information and data, thus promoting the development of the zoo profession in Hungary as […]