The entire ELTE has changed the order of the academic year, the autumn break will be in December


The autumn break will be held between December 12 and 17, and after that, the exam period will take place completely online at ELTE e Faculty of Humanities.
One of the changes was announced on Tuesday morning on the Facebook page of the Faculty of Humanities. It was written that the university’s management has modified the originally planned schedule of the academic year, and because of this, there will be no teaching break on International Sports Day on September 20.

Also, the fall break will be held between December 12 and 17.

As a result, the last school day of the hard work period will be Friday, December 9 (and Saturday, December 10 for those with correspondence).

The Media and Communication Department of ELTE also reported the same thing on Facebook, but they supplemented the faculty’s official statement with some additional information. On the one hand, it was reported that the university’s management made a decision on the changes “due to the increase in overhead costs”, and on the other hand, that

For the same reason, the examination period will also be completely online.

Moreover, according to their announcement, there will be only online education in the last week, starting on December 5.

The decision made at the ELTE Faculty of Humanities is not unprecedented, previously the ELTE Faculty of Science also suggested that they could try to save money this academic year with online education and temporary closures. And there was also a primary school where a six-day school week was ordered in the first weeks of the school year so that the winter break could be longer later.

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