Police arrested the false Krisztian Szalontai

Police University

The 20 years-old homeless man, Attila Hajdú, was introducing himself as Krisztian Szalontai a university student to get into local higher education buildings.

Attila Hajdú committed theft several times in the period of December 2009 – March 2010 in educational institutions of Debrecen.
Several reports arrived to Police Department in this case after couple of media published the police call.
Officers found the offender at the Derecske homeless hostel. After the questioning heis incustody because he committed thefts after his previous detention.
We expecting that more schools and persons are on the victim`s list.

Police thanks the quick help of the media and the citizens!
Our common interest to catch those whoare breaking the law.

Hajdú-Bihar County Police

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