A pedophile, who also harassed his own child, was caught


A 35-year-old man from Budapest was arrested, and it turned out that he harassed his own child and uploaded more than four hundred files on the Internet depicting the sexual exploitation of children, the National Investigation Bureau of the Standby Police said on police.hu on Wednesday.

Police identified the man on the basis of an international signal. It was also found that one of the hundreds of media files uploaded to the cloud-based storage site shows the suspect’s own child, then one and a half years old. The man, without the mother’s knowledge, forced the child to tolerate a sexual act, which he also took a picture of.

Investigators arrested him at his apartment in the capital at dawn on November 30th and seized some IT equipments. He was interrogated as a suspect for the crime of child pornography and sexual violence, then detained and initiated for his arrest.


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