They attacked the police with spades and tool handles


The Kiskunhalas District Prosecutor’s Office indicted two men for a group of armed riots and vandalism who wanted to settle a business dispute with the anger of one of them with a threat, and then used a spade and tools to support their fleeing police officer in front of the police station.

According to the indictment, the man from Kiskunhalas, one of the defendants in the case, had a business relationship with the victim, but a settlement dispute arose between them, so they became angry. They argued over the phone, threatened, insulted each other, and then, to close the dispute, the accused summoned the victim to his home in Kiskunhalas on February 24, 2020 at 9 p.m. The victim appeared in front of the defendant’s house in a car with a third. The accused then, in order to intimidate him, ran out of the house with an arrow rifle in his hand, which frightened the victim and tried to leave the scene. However, the defendant had called his acquaintances, including the other defendant in the case, earlier. They stood in front of and behind the victim’s vehicle with their cars to prevent them from escaping.

However, the victim managed to drive him out of the scene by being chased by the accused and their unknown companions in their cars and caught up in front of the police building. Accused, picking up a spade, metal bar, and tool handles, jumped out of their car and began punching their injured car, which was parked in front of a police parking barrier. As a result, the car’s rear windshield was broken and the bodywork dented in countless places. All this was noticed by the reception guards and they asked the on-call service for help. Detecting the arrival of the police in Kiskunhalas, the defendants fled. The shards of glass that shattered when the windshield broke caused the man traveling in the back seat to recover from superficial injuries within 8 days.

The defiantly anti-communal behavior of the accused was apt to cause outrage and alarm in others. The owner of the damaged car filed a civil law claim for damages in the amount of HUF 800,000 caused by the defendants.

The prosecutor’s office accuses the defendants of the crime of harassment and vandalism committed in groups, armed, and the man who receives and threatens his business partner with an arrow rifle must also be held accountable for the crime of harassment. In the proceedings for the prosecution of the accused, the prosecution is proposing the imposition of a suspended prison sentence in the absence of a trial, and the confiscation of the shotgun, spade, metal and wooden poles by the court. The Kiskunhalas District Court will decide on the case of men on leave.

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