Parties for this weekend, 17-18 January

Party Zone

17 January, Friday

SeVeN: Best of Seven with Field

Egoist BarClub: Wannabe – Best of 90s & 00s

Roncsbár: The Grenma concert

Incognito Club: VAN concert

Tabu Debrecen: Twerk It! – Latin Lovers

Nagyerdei Víztorony: Kaukázus concert


18 January, Saturday

SeVeN: Girls Night Out with Field

Egoist BarClub: New Years Eve After Party – Németi, Jay Kid and Stephen

Roncsbár: Ocho Macho concert

Incognito Club: Hangácsi Márton concert

Tabu Debrecen: Goodbye Playboy – TABU Exclusive

Nagyerdei Víztorony: Forest Bump!

Line up:

  • Thomas Borza / Mariposas Production
  • Dirty Ice / CivisGround
  • Eulen / Mariposas Production
  • Noel / Forest Bump
  • Zsupi / Sav Bázis

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