Climate Change ‘Hitting Carpathian Basin Hard’

The effects of climate change have emerged earlier and in a harsher form in the Carpathian Basin than in several other regions in Europe, President János Áder told a conference.

The aim of the First National Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference on Climate Change, held online due to the coronavirus pandemic, was to discuss those effects in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, to assess the knowledge accumulated over the past years and to start working on a national report on climate change, to be published in 2023, Áder said. The report will attempt to provide clear answers to issues such as climate threats and emission trends, adaptation and mitigation opportunities as well as the economic, regulatory and budgetary aspects of climate change, he said, adding that one of the weighty issues was to raise public support for climate issues in Hungary in a way that motivates individuals and communities to take action rather than sink into “climate depression”. At the same time, Áder warned that curbing the effects of climate change warranted significant change in sectors like the industry, agriculture, transport and even everyday life. “It would be foolish to deny that this will harm certain interests,” he said.


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