Dozens of pictures of child pornography were posted on Hundub


One of the readers of the telex drew the attention of the news portal to the fact that on Hundub, a Hungarian-like social site similar to Facebook, certain users sent child pornography images among themselves.

The case was discovered because a vulnerability could make images of users of a social site called Hundub available to anyone who has an account.

To see all the private photos ever sent by Hundub users through the gap, the telex says that

The security gap in itself violates privacy rights, but what’s even worse is that there are dozens of child pornography photos among the images.

It is not clear how many users these images come from, but it is certain that the images were sent privately.

The news portal approached the police in the case, who made the following statement:

“The Budapest Police Headquarters has ordered an investigation into an unknown perpetrator on suspicion of criminal child pornography. We do not want to provide more information for the purpose of criminal proceedings. ”

The portal also contacted Hundub, with representatives of the social network writing in response: “There is no vulnerability, we are currently unable to provide further information for the investigation.”

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