Salmonella warning

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More than 100 people caught salmonella in Debrecen last year.

Many caught the illness in the summer when the heat makes food go bad faster. For this reason, more attention must be paid to the preparation and the storage of food. Ice cream, for example, can be stored for maximum 3 days then it must be discarded. Gyula Gara, owner of a confectionary said: “Fruit from the market must be washed thoroughly before storing and milk products must be kept adequately cold. Neither basic ice cream, nor cakes can be kept for more than one day.
Improperly heat-treated, transported and stored food favors the development of salmonella. Last year, 147 people suffered from salmonellosis in Debrecen. Dr. Agnes Galgóczi regional chief medical officer said: “The symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, temperature, malaise. It most frequently occurs with children between 1-14 years of age.” The authorities are checking host sites strictly during the summer. Experts say it is worth choosing a restaurant where sanitary conditions are apparently adequate.

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  1. we are with the FIBA under 20 basketball tournament here in Debrecn, and about 50 people have ben infected by salmonella from egg noodles served at the opening ceremonies banquet on 15th August 2012

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