Medical graduates wish to go abroad

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The graduates of the Faculty of Medicine took the robe at the graduation ceremonies last weekend. Because of the higher salary and greater professional recognition, most of them start the resident training abroad.

A group of relaxed graduates were waiting for the ceremonies at the main building. Most of them were foreign students and completed their studies here in Hungary and, although they were satisfied with the education here, they are going to start the resident training in their home countries.
“Expectations are so high here that in case you can measure up to them, you will gain a very good knowledge and will be able to go back home.” – Daniel Filesch said.
Not only foreigners completed their studies in English. 26 Hungarian students decided to have medical training in that language. Most of them say they want to try to stay at home but they understand those who go abroad.
Currently, there is a shortage of doctors in this region and in the country itself. Other countries don’t train doctors- they prefer to pay the well-trained workforce that goes to work there. Young people from Hungary are also attracted by the salary which is 6-8 times as much as in Hungary and the by the professional recognition.

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