Drunken cyclists

Local News Police

On 9, 10, 11 June the police did”TISPOL European Operation Alcohol & Drugs” road safety checks in Hajdú-Bihar County.

More than 300 policemen took to the streets. During the three days, a total of 3560 people were breathalyzed. 52 testees (13 car drivers and 13 cyclists) were influenced by alcohol. 3 crime reports were made, in the other cases infringement proceedings were initiated, 10 driving licenses were suspended on the spot, 423 people were fined and 227 people were warned for committing minor traffic offenses. Most of the fines were given because the drivers failed to comply with the rules respecting the lighting of vehicles but also because of speeding, failure to use seatbelts, helmets or talking on the phone during driving.
“The results show that some of the citizens, especially the younger generation, often ignore traffic laws. It is still a problem that 75% of the dunk drivers are cyclists. Some cyclists think that it is prohibited to consume alcohol only before driving motorized vehicles.” – reported Éva Kelemen spokeswoman.

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