New inhabitants in the zoo

Local News

Seven Japanese macacos, three rulruls, a Persian turaco and a white stork have arrived to the zoo in Debrecen.

This is the first time in 28 years that white storks hatched in the zoo. The couple takes care of the chicks diligently. The nest is built on the ground so visitors can observe the chicks well.
A Japanese macaco group made of 3 males and 4 females has arrived to the zoo. Zéé, aged 21 is the senior male in the group; Lóczika, Pipitér, Kati and Móni are 11 years old and there 2 cubs in the group.
Rulruls are popular ornamental birds. They live in the Southern part of Asia, mainly on the open glades. A rooster and two hens are the new inhabitants of the zoo.
Persian turacos live in the lowland areas of West Africa, especially in forests. It’s a rare and unique species, they can be found only in a few of the zoos in Hungary. The director of the zoo said they intended to breed this species.

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