40 years prison for a drug gang

Local News Police

6 drug dealers received a total of forty years imprisonment for selling drugs on February 11th in Debrecen.

The six-member gang was sentenced to forty years in prison by the Hajdu-Bihar County Court. The criminal organization imported the marijuana mainly from the Netherlands and sold it in Budapest and Debrecen. They sold a kilo of marijuana for 1 million Huf.

The gang members successfully operated their illegal enterprises for a long time: they used the money buying luxury cars, paying for expensive holidays but during an identity check they been busted.

The police found 50 kilograms of marijuana in their car in 2007. The officers tapped their phones and opened an investigation to catch them.
The sentencing court took into account that the band members lived a luxurious life, so the head of the gang received a 11 years imprisonment.

Except one of the gang members will appeal against the decision.

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