Centre Meliusz celebrated in Nagyvarad

Local News

The Meliusz Centre celebrated the Day of Hungarian Culture in Nagyvarad/Oradea.

This was the first time when the Meliusz Center celebrated the precious day abroad. The celebration was in Nagyvarad the capital of Bihar County. The Hajdu-Bihar County Adult Education the Partium Guild, the Civic Association of Nagyvarad and Bihar County also participated. The event went under the patronage of
Janos Halasz, the Parliamentary Secretary of State, Ministry of National Resources.

In the event Julia Lajsz a Biharnagybajom resident become the folkeducator of the year.
They remembered to David Gheorghe composer, conductor with a minute silence. The main organizer of the Bihar-Bihor Euroregion Song Contest died in a tragic traffic accident one the previous day.

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