Currywurst is no longer the favorite fast food of Germans

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It is no longer the fried sausage (currywurst) served with spicy tomato sauce, but the Turkish-developed meat sandwich, the döner, that is Germans’ favorite fast food, a survey presented on Wednesday showed.

According to the YouGov polling institute, 45 percent of Germans would choose the döner if they had to decide between the two classic fast foods of Berlin origin. Currywurst is preferred by 37 percent of Germans, and 15 percent do not like either. According to a survey representative of the adult population, the younger someone is, the more likely they are to prefer döner, thanks to Kadir Nurman, a stand-alone operator who came with Turkish guest workers who immigrated after the Second World War, to currywurst, which was also developed by another West Berlin snacker, Herta Heuwer, in after the war.

In the 18-45 age group, currywurst has been pushed to the bottom of the fast food popularity list along with all other types of fried sausages. At the top is the sandwich, also called the döner kebab, followed by pizza and hamburgers. For those over 55, however, currywurst is still the number one choice. It was also shown that women are strongly in favor of döner, 47 percent of them would choose döner and only 30 percent would choose currywurst. Men are more divided and prefer sausage with curry sauce slightly more than a sandwich with torn meat, 43 percent of them swear by currywurst and 42 percent by döner.

In terms of restaurants, the largest group of Germans prefers domestic food, 26 percent of them would choose a restaurant serving German cuisine, 20 percent would choose an Italian restaurant, 13 percent would choose a Greek restaurant, and 12 percent would choose a Chinese restaurant. The popularity of other national cuisines, such as Indian, Japanese or Vietnamese, is far behind the top. Differences between generations are also evident here; while among the youngest, 18-24-year-olds, the largest group chooses Italian restaurants with a 21 percent rate, and the largest group of people over 55 chooses German restaurants with a 32 percent rate.


Döner is the most popular fast food in Germany.

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