Interview with the Children of Sándor Csányi, the Richest Hungarian


Sándor Csányi head of OTP and former director of MLSZ (Hungarian Football Federation) gave an interview with his three children to Forbes magazine. This is the first time when the three children of the richest Hungarian man gave an interview to a journalist.Forbes magazine’s intention was to make an interview with the three children of Sándor Csányi – the well-known and very influential Hungarian banker – to see how they live and what are the things they want to do the same way as their father and what are those things they would like to change in their lives.

Attila, Gabriella and Péter – the three children of Sándor Csányi – said that they had been brought up as anybody else, they did not feel that their family was the most prosperous in Hungary.


Children of the richest Hungarian man enjoy the wealth that comes from their family, but they want to work for their own achievements too.

Péter and Attila said that they do not work for Bonafarm (their own family business) or OTP because they would like to enjoy the benefits of their names, but because they feel that they can make a bigger development in these places than abroad. However, Gabriella lives and works abroad at the moment.

The full interview can be read in the latest issue of Forbes magazine (January, 2018).


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